Unless you are living in a cave you will  have heard by now that a new coronavirus called COVID-19 has spread across the globe. The threat that coronavirus brings to the safety of the public has led to the closure of countless businesses in an effort to contain the spread. The prolonged closures have resulted in major losses in the stock market, as businesses continue to take a financial hit. With many sports currently postponed as well, some may be wondering if there are any safer investment opportunities to look into. 

Sports bet placement service Apex Algorithms is an example of a safe investment opportunity to consider during the coronavirus outbreak. While many placement services focus on specific sports, Apex Algorithms has remained dedicated to betting placements for global football and horse racing events in countries around the world. Since the coronavirus outbreak began, they have continued to see values in several markets, making it a great investment opportunity. 

What makes the approach by Apex Algorithms different is the sophisticated algorithm that they use to determine the probability of an outcome. Since finding high-value markets to continue placing bets on, the potential for a favorable outcome remains high.  As of today 29th March we are still finding opportunities and making profits for our clients. Even, as we suspect, that more and more horse-racing venues are closed our client’s money remain safe as it is in cash, there is no long term exposure or potential for losses.

Unlike the stock market, which has seen significant swings in recent weeks (mainly downwards) because of the coronavirus, Apex Algorithms are relatively low-risk investments. For example, if an investment does not make any money, there is no fee. Additionally, Apex Algorithms only bets an average of 1.0% of a total investment on each event,  as part of the comprehensive risk management strategy. This ensures that the investment remains low-risk for the investor throughout the process. Finally, and importantly our client’s money is accessible, withdrawals are processed within 5 days and typically within 24 hours.

With the global stock market remaining volatile because of the coronavirus, it is important for investors to look for investments that are low-risk or at least an alternative to traditional investments. A sports bet placement service like Apex Algorithms can provide a low-risk investment that continues to prosper during these uncertain times. To learn more about Apex Algorithms and their placement process, visit their website at apexalgorithms.co.uk.