Seasoned investors around the world have gained valuable experience with significant returns on investments. While some of the major ROIs come from risky investments, they can be achieved through safe investments as well. Safe investments are a good option for new investors, as they can provide additional protection that is not always available elsewhere. Below are some of the great examples of safe investments that can help lead to a high return on investment. 

High-Yield Savings Account
Creating a high-yield savings account is an excellent option for those who are looking for a relatively simple investment. A high-yield savings account is a bank account that includes a higher deposit interest rate than traditional savings accounts. Due to the higher interest rates, investors will typically see increased returns on investments with high-yield savings accounts. 

Short-Term Corporate Bond Funds
Those looking for short-term investments may find short-term corporate bond funds to be a strong option. With an average maturity of five years or less, short-term corporate bonds can be issued by any entity, including governments and corporations. This is a good investment option for those who are not looking for an immediate payout and want to build the investment over a period of time. 

Stocks & Shares ISAs
With stocks and shares ISAs are tax-efficient accounts, and are beneficial for investors that are interested in several investment options. Stocks & Shares ISAs can come in various forms, including cash, investment funds, and government bonds. While this is a great option for diversifying investments, it does have greater risk than other options. 

Sports Investments
With sports betting becoming an increasingly popular investment option, more investment options have become available in recent years. Investors of any level can now place bets through sports betting placement services as part of their portfolio. Services like Apex Algorithms offer low-risk sports betting options, making it appealing to both new and experienced investors alike. 

It is important to make investment decisions that will benefit one’s portfolio over time. To learn more about investing and sports betting, visit Apex Algorithms at