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Apex Algorithms Reviews

Absolutely fantastic service! You will not find a better ROI from any other investment service and you do not have to pay tax on it either. You get weekly email updates and you can track your investment in the live portal so that is really helpful. Would definitely recommend Paul and his team to anyone thinking of investing.

Thomas Baxter

I’’ve been on board with the guys a few months now, like most who have worked hard to accumulate savings I was careful to make sure I fully understood the risks and rewards.

I always deal with the senior people involved directly which is rare and I’m now earning more from this than my basic salary once you factor in the tax, and I work in the city. Will likely double up through this year and unlike any other investment, I’ve invited a few family members, friends and clients to join me such is my belief that this is a very clever way to create an additional income. I am on the diamond tier which is where I plan to stay for a very long time. Big thanks to Paul and the team in these very testing times which makes the returns so far even more remarkable!

Christopher Stephen Ingham

I invested with Joseph from Apex in August and due to unexpected costs had to withdraw my money at the beginning of December. Joseph had my money in my account within 24 hours of my request. Over that period my money returned 4.6%, equivalent to over 18% per annum. A fantastic yield in these times and its tax free too. I can’t rate Apex highly enough, a great service all the way through.

Simon Houghton

After 1 year with Apex Algorithms, its a good investment! Manager always available to support!

Edgar Simoes

This is a brilliant investment every one needs to get involved with, can not be more happier with the service and updates, would highly recommend to every one.

Luke Godrich

I joined Apex Algorithms last year with 5K just to see how it works. At the beginning of this year I added a very substantial amount of money. Corona virus made me a bit nervous mid-March so I asked Paul for some of the money back. The money was back in my account within an hour of me asking! I have continued to make profits since even though most of the football has been cancelled. Once the world has calmed down and normality comes back, I am definitely going to reinvest a very substantial sum again.
Very professional company, honest, open and transparent. Fantastic alternative and tax-free investment! Could not recommend more.


A superb service, delivering consistent returns based on top-class quantitative research without guesswork.


Have run a full year.
Weekly updates from Noah always with profits…..
Always swore I would never invest in “betting” but with their very high returns they have proved me wrong!
Very pleased so far that I have invested with them the same amount in their other investment.

Chris Hughes

When I invested with Apex I was a little sceptical that they could deliver to the level they projected. Initially I invested a small amount of money and then after three months I gained a little confidence and increased my investment. Over the first 12 months I achieved a return of 38% tax free and when I asked for the money back it was in my account within 48 hours. Every Monday I was sent an e-mail telling me the performance for that week and once a month I got a courtesy call from Joseph just to check all was well and did I want to meet him and the directors.
Apex may well be one of those opportunities that is actually as good as it portrays and I will certainly be reinvesting a larger sum than before.
Thank you to all at Apex.

Simon Phipps

I have now been with Apex for just over 18 months. I have met up with Nathan and the guys three times, once in London and twice in Deal.
After investing the minimum in the first year, I have now ramped up my investment and have even got my son to invest as well.
A really good concept, run by professions and also a really nice and genuine set of people.

Colin Bamford

Weekly updates from Noah always with profits…….what more could one ask for. Pleased so far that I invested with this Company.

Maureen Baker

Good company, good updates and great performance. I can’t ask anymore of these guys – they have found an edge clearly, and are doing very well.

Matthew Foster

A real positive and pleasing experience! Noah was wonderful to deal with. Professional and helpful, yet left me to make the decision to invest without pressure. Withdrawing and investing money was easy and instant! Performance reports each week, which was great. Can’t find a single fault with the service. Wish I had more money to invest that’s all! Thanks all


Been with Apex Algorithms for 2months now, and met Nathan and Noah at their office then out for dinner 2 great guys. Went to see them as invested minimum stake to see if I could get the reinsurance to invest more which I did. Now have $32,000 in account so far every week been winning week. Very professional company, honest, open and transparent. Fantastic alternative and tax-free investment! Could not recommend more.

Peter Farrow